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Vomiting illness or bacterial pink eye while backpacking in the remote wildness with kids is not fun. Especially when you have four little kids... all under the age of six. From these horrible experiences came this idea of empowering adventure travelers with the power a prescription medication Rx Kit to help treat symptoms of minor illness. 

So, lets dig in and get a little deeper and introduce you to the owners and creators of TravelMed - Emergency medicine physician, Andrew Frierson D.O. and his wife Jessica Frierson. For years, Andrew and Jessica have lead groups of people on surfing, backpacking, white water rafting and adventure trips with their wife's family's outfitting business since they were in high school (thats where their whole story all began). With their love of adventuring in God's creation as well as medicine, TravelMed was created with the goal of reducing the misery and uncertainty of minor sickness during travel thru Rx Kits. 

Now, the main purpose of TravelMed is to help adventure enthusiasts by bridging you to a telemedicine visit with a knowledgable and friendly U.S. licensed emergency room physician in order to safely prescribe you a finely tuned list of medically appropriate prescription medications recommended for your future travel plans. 

Then travel with the peace of mind knowing you #1 can help reduce symptoms of minor illness while traveling to remote areas without medical access and #2 reconnect with your ER doctor for telemedicine support while in the wilderness.



  • All of our emergency medicine physicians are top rated physicians that are educated, trained and actively practice in high volume U.S. emergency hospitals

  • Board eligible/ board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine ​


  • Empower travelers to help treat minor illness in remote destinations with a finely tuned Rx Kit of safely prescribed medications.

  • Give remote travelers peace of mind in knowing they can reconnect with their TravelMed ER physician during their trip.  


  • Your telemedicine provider will also discuss the proper uses of each antibiotic.

  • At TravelMed, we feel responsible to ensure that patients understand the uses of each medication, particularly the antibiotics.

  • Antibiotic misuse on things like the common cold, COVID, most sinus infections/ ear infections/ diarrhea can create resistance. This is because antibiotics fight bacteria but not viruses.

  • Therefore, we make sure you feel comfortable with the the proper uses of each antibiotic during the televisit.


  • All medications on the Rx Kit list have been fined tuned by a panel of U.S. emergency room physicians to ensure they are they are the safest medications with minimal side effects. 

  • These medications were chosen because they are used everyday by our emergency room providers. 

  • A telemedicine visit with one of our TravelMed U.S. licensed emergency room providers is required to evaluate your personal medical history before the TravelMed Rx Kit is prescribed to you to ensure all medications are medically appropriate for you.

  • During the televisit your provider will also spend time making sure you feel comfortable and understand each medication prescribed.

  • Medications can be removed and others added depending on your personal medical history.

with TravelMed you're not just a customer - you're our patient


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For emergencies call 911 / seek immediate in-person medical attention. 

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