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Health Risk Management  +   Corporate Medical Consultation Services

We’re much different than most risk mitigation and travel medicine practices because:

  1. Smaller practice improves our pricing and customization.

  2. Our pre-trip Rx Med Kits: 

    • can be very effective in  reducing trip delays + medical costs for both the individual and the business. 

TravelMed to business:

  • Customizable corporate medical packages with pre-trip medical risk mitigation, as-needed hourly business medical director consultation.

  •  On-call US ER trip physician tele-support to help answer urgent medical questions and evacuation planning while on company travel.

  • We want to provide business teams with peace of mind of having ER physician support available for them pre, during and post travel. 

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with TravelMed you're not just a customer - you're our patient


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For emergencies call 911 / seek immediate in-person medical attention. 

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